Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CybEye for iPhone Domain Intelligence

As we become more reliant on mobile devices for emails and
other internet usages, CybEye for iPhone offers users another
great feature : Domain Intelligence.

An average internet user comes across 3 to 4 new sites daily.
While you are surfing on an iPad or your iPhone at a local
Starbucks waiting for your mocha cappucino, you may
spot an interesting site by incident, and would like to learn
more about it. Googling the site name would give you a list of
pages and articles about the site, but you would also like to
gain a better understanding by finding information such as
its competitors and its popularity (or ranking).

Fire up the CybEye for iPhone app and add the domain name
as an item to follow, you will instant get its site report, uptime
report, competitor report, related photos and social discoveries.
CybEye for iPhone Domain Intelligence provides users mobile
access to domain intelligence and help users gain a better idea
about the site, its products, competitive products and news.
This kind of business intelligence used to be limited and
only available for business professionals who are willing to
shell out premiums. CybEye aims to commoditize business
intelligence, a luxury that was not available to small and medium
businesses under limiting budgets.

CybEye domain intelligence is built on top of a robust database
of more than 9 million domains.
There were 200 million domain names in year 2010 and the number
is still growing. Domain name has become synonymous with the
business itself; it is the central exposure location about the business,
branding, reputation, and it represents one of the major assets for
the business. Domain owners are spending more and time to monitor
their domain info, performance data and social media data.
Domain followers such as those in PR, marketing, sales or customer
service, not only need to care about the quality of its own domains, but
also those of its competitors.

CybEye Domain intelligence is also available on the web;
CybEye offers business professionals access to these critical business
data points either on the browser at the comfort of your
home (or office), or on your mobile at the palm of your hand.

CybEye Domain intelligence is a free service, and for more details,
please visit us at www.cybeye.com or download the CybEye for iPhone
app at the Apple AppStore.

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