Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CybEye's Event-Based Social Networking Model

With growth in location-based social networks (LBSNs) experiencing explosive upward climb,
a new type of social networking has emerged that borrows some of the mechanics andincentives from location-based services: event-based social networks (EBSNs).

EBSNs associate location data with specific events (such as wedding, sporting events, etc) which
tie users from different backgrounds that may not have been connected otherwise.

CybEye also adopts the event-based social networking model. CybEye currently categorizes its events into 4 different types: public events, social events, private events, and recurring events. (These are the 4 major event types, and there will be other types of events where users can only follow but not create, and will be discussed further).

Public events are open and visible to anyone on the CybEye network. These events will be listed in the public event directory and will serve as an advertising platform for businesses who would like to market through organizing promotional events. For example, the Robert Mondavi winery at Napa Valley would create a special wine tasting event by posting illustrative photos and perhaps offering special discounts for those that join the events during certain time.

Social events are created for group activities that are time and location sensitive. An exmaple would be a ski trip to Utah with a group of 20 friends taking 5 cars. In order for the trip leader to ensure timeliness for the trip, he would create a social event and invite the drivers to join and auto checks in. The trip leader can then see on the map view where everyone is during the trip and see if anyone has lagged behind or gotten lost.

Private events are created mainly for photo-viewing purposes and are not time-sensitive. For example, you have accumulated a photo gallery for your week long Europe trip and would add your friends and family as followers to view the photos. The followers do not have to check in to view the photos.

Recurring events, like its name suggests, are those that occur on a schedule, repetitively. The participants, or followers, would also auto check-in and check-out at specified times. A Taxi service company would create such events and add the drivers as followers. These drivers would auto check-in at start of shift and check-out at the end of of shift. The dispatch can then see where the drivers are while on duty and dispatch ride requests accordingly without constantly making phone calls to check locations. These events would also recur according to the shift schedule.

CybEye categories events into practical categories that apply to normal everyday users for leisure use as well as businesses and professionals. CybEye recognizes that events are the true drivers for social networking and provide a dynamic model that accomodates different usages.

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